Art File Requirements

This is actually the single most important part of the all our printing process’s, because no matter how talented our printers are, because the printing is only ever going to be as good as your artwork, it is important to have the correct art files when starting a print job.

To help us to provide you with the best print possible and to save you on any additional re-drawing or artwork costs, we require the below specifications when sending through your art files.

  • Adobe Illustrator CS5 (No Clipping Masks)
  • Corel Draw CS5
  • Vector line Art
  • Text converted to curves/outlines

Screen Printing and Pad Printing

Artwork that is saved as .png / .jpg / .tiff / .gif are unsuitable as they are unable to provide us with the flexibility and quality we require to produce filmwork.

Direct to Garment Digital Printing, Digital Wide Format Printing and Transfers

With Direct to Garment Digital Printing we are available to have more flexibility with the files that we can use, while Corel & Illustrator files are still preferred as long as the quality of the file is high we can produce quality finishes using .jpg and photoshop .psd files.

If you are unsure about the quality of your artwork and or would like to confirm how many colours are part of the artwork, please do not hesitate to email it through to us for confirmation at

We also offer an in-house art department that can help with your art requirements, please feel free to email through and ask for a quote on the re-drawing of your artwork or alternatively if you require the creation of a logo also.

As part of our service we supply all of our customers with detailed layouts for approval and will not proceed with any printing until you are completely satisfied with your proof and have either replied via email or signed fax with authority for us to proceed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions on the above.